Track Recording of Vehicles

Automatically determining the geographical location of a vehicle will help the fleet manager know the status of the fleet. GPS Tracking enables the user know the vehicles’ whereabouts as well as its efficiency level by reviewing the entire duration of the vehicles’ travel, including the running and idle time, harsh breaks and accelerations, with the data stored for fleet manager’s record.

Apart from securing the efficiency of a fleet, theft occurs adamantly unpredictable. Devices which one can put or install in his/her assets can help in preventing possible robbery. Information about the robbery “hot spots” through the recorded data will also be a big help for a fleet owner’s preventive measures.

Theft cases range from fuel thieving from a truck fleet (loading petroleum/fuel tanks) to stealing the whole truck. Many cases have been reported about recovered vehicles and caught car nappers here in the Philippines through the help of GPS tracker. GPS device installed in a car/truck sends signals which enable a Fleet owner through a GPS provider know the exact location of the vehicle, information which is given to cops during recovery operations.

As an industry concerned and in line with the prevention of such circumstance, WTI aims for the safety of everyone. For inquiries on how to avail tracking and security devices for asset management, just contact WTI through or call us at (02) 441-0016.