WTI’s new client: Anupol Trucking Services


from left, Mr. Bautista, WTI S&M Group Head, Ms. Orias, Marketing Officer, Ms. Sabrina Anupol, Anupol Transport Services Operations Manager, and Ms. Bachiller-Dagbay, WTi Account Manager after a service update meeting, a must to know the client’s pulse on WTI ‘s product and service

Anupol Transport Services is one of the country’s hauling companies which started utilizing GPS technology through WTI. As a duly recognized hauler of the largest cement manufacturers such as Cemex and Lafarge in the Philippines, Anupol Transport Services continuously escalate business operation through the help of a state of the art technology offered by WTI, a pioneer company leading in GPS and GIS technologies.

Usually termed as “Hauling” Industry, trucking business in Philippine set-up is a combination of transport and distribution of material goods whether raw or finished. Trucking business also refers to Logistics or Transportation, perceptibly adduce to what the industry do. The advancement in technology has increased efficiency and productivity within the industry, reduced operational expense on operators’ end, maximized and observed manpower, and increased awareness to safety and mobility on road.

As a hauler of Cemex and Lafarge Cement Manufacturers in the Philippines,, a secured fleet for product transport is necessary. Product pilferage is a common problem of the industry. To prevent product pilferage and the possibility of hi-jacking and vehicle theft among trucks, it is recommended to have a tracking device installed on trucks which will pilot to a Safe, Secured, and Efficient fleet system.