WTI’s Technology Aid to Magsaysay Transport and Logistics


A glimpse on Roadlink Solutions (a Magsaysay Transport and Logistics subsidiary company) garage located at North Bay Boulevard South, Navotas City, Metro Manila

Magsaysay Transport and Logistics Group is primarily engaged in full-container liner shipping, 3rd-party logistics, tankering & petroleum barging, ship management, marine bunkering, agency & brokerage, chassis leasing & hauling, port equipment, tour operations & fast-ferry charters, marine repairs & services and marine consultancy. (Magsaysay Transport & Logistics Homepage. Corporate Profile. 28 June 2013. http://www.magsaysay-logistics.com/default.aspx)

Magsaysay Transport and Logistics is a service-based hauling industry. Magsaysay’s expertise on transport and logistics is mirrored in the 65 years of quality service the company renders to different industries across the nation. Magsaysay has offices to all major Philippine ports and cities across the nation to ensure a ready, round-the-clock and available service to all its current and future customers.

Usually termed as “Hauling” Industry, trucking business in Philippine set-up is a combination of transport and distribution of material goods whether raw or finished. Trucking business also refers to Logistics or Transportation, perceptibly adduce to what the industry do.

WTI is focused in vehicle tracking and management system, both for moving and fixed assets. WTI provided Magsaysay a view of necessary information of their trucks through a secured website from any computer with internet access, allowing the increase of motorcycle fleet’s operational efficiency as well as ensuring the security of assets.

WTI’s TrackMe Vehicle Tracking and Management System utilize advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technologies, providing the fleet managers a real-                                                                     time vehicle monitoring capability. With this tool, problem arising in managing a fleet has never been easy.

Tracking and Management System for a truck fleet is relevant. With the help of a WTI TrackMe GPS tracker, Magsaysay’s fleet manager will be able to manage the security, safety, and efficiency of the trucks and drivers even while on road.