A Start of Legacy: Webcast Truly Inspires – Munting Tulong para sa Munting Nangangarap




Webcast Technologies, Inc. have been doing various outreach projects and programs throughout the years but it was only last year of August that we have decided to pursue a project that will leave a lasting legacy and impact.We deeply value the power of education and how every dreams started when we are young, hence, the birth of our project: “Webcast Truly Inspires: Munting Tulong para sa Munting Nangangarap” last August 15, 2014.

This project aims to provide starter school supplies such as notebook, paper, crayons, pencils, eraser and sharpener to kindergarten students across the barangays in the Philippines. We would want to reach those students who mostly need the said starter school supplies kit.

Every big and great thing starts from small beginnings and this is what this project is all about.