Webcast Partners with CartoDB

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Webcast Partners with CartoDB

By Jennica Yu


Webcast Technologies, Inc. (WTI) has also recently become a CartoDB partner since November 26, 2015. This partnership aims to create a more holistic solution to cater more widely to our client’s needs.

CartoDB is a Software as a Service (SaaS) open source, cloud computing platform. A more user-friendly platform that does not require expertise to enable data mapping that gives users the capability to perform GIS, data analysis and data visualization operations. CartoDB offers a widerange of functionalities that can transform your simple location-based information to powerful geospatial data, such as:

CartoDB Editor: Intuitive analysis tool that provides the user with expert insights into your data and visualizations.

CartoDB Data: Offers an extensive library of government and social datasets, a great addition to the client’s pre-exiting data files and types.

CartoDB Platform: Provides the user a set of functionalities and APIs that enables the user to perform GIS and data analysis.

CartoDB Enterprise:  Powerful interactive mapping solutions from corporate location data, to aid in decision making. May be deployed on a cloud or On-Premise.

CartoDB is a refreshing and a more user-friendly addition to WTI’s already powerful set of previous partners and WTI is more than excited to share with our clients a new wave of possibilities of  broader and all around geospatial solutions.