Webcast Participated in Road Safety Summit (SPEX)

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Shell Philippines Exploration (SPEX) Contractors Safety Officers (CSOf) organized the Road Safety Summit held at Acacia Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa City last November 27, 2015, with the theme, Reaching Overall Approach in Driving Safely. The summit’s aims are to educate participants, and to share and discuss the future of promoting safer roads by all contractors within SPEX Malampaya. Safety and land transport representatives and managers from most of the contractors of SPEX participated in the said event. One of the topics discussed during the summit is about the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS). As the official GPS solutions provider of Shell Philippines, Webcast Technologies, Inc. (WTI) was invited by SPEX to give a talk on IVMS regarding its hardware and software features, its importance, driving assistance, possible risks affecting IVMS, and its roadmap.

WTI Business Development Manager Sarah Aguilar and WTI Project Managers Norbel Vivar and Roger Corvera gave a talk on the Introduction of Use of IVMS. WTI also set up a booth to further engage attendees on the usage of IVMS features towards safety.


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