TRENDING NOW! 4 Ways On How Google Maps Platform Can Help Your Business Grow




Google Maps Platform, the revamped version of the Google Maps API, is now here and promises to be the biggest thing in location-based technology. Here are the four ways on how the new Google Maps model can help you with your business:



1. The Three Core Products

Google streamlines the 13 APIs offered in the Google Maps Premium Plan into three core products – Maps, Routes and Places.

Maps product helps developers build customized experiences that connects the real world to your business through static and dynamic maps, Street View imagery and 360-degree views.

Routes product aims to provide users the most strategic way to get to their desired destinations powered by top-notch directions and real-time traffic updates.

Places product offers the discovery of the world with rich location data for over 100 million places, enabling users to find specific places using phone numbers, addresses, and real-time signals.

Visit the Google Maps Platform website to know more about the core products.


2. Pay-Per-Usage Model

The Google Maps Platform is patterned to the payment system of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Unlike Maps API wherein you have a lock-in annual license contract, the new payment scheme offers a single pricing plan – a pay-per-usage monthly system.

It is easier to scale business up since you will only pay for the APIs you have utilized and the model will adjust accordingly once usage spikes.

All you need to do is to acquire a valid API key and an enabled GCP billing account and you can start building geospatial solutions.


3. Amazing Perks and Benefits

Two of the things you need to look forward with the new model of Google Maps is the 24/5 technical support and the free $200 usage for developers to jumpstart the application development.

Unlike before, the free 24/5 technical support is only for the Maps API Premium Plan customers. Now, Google made it available for everyone through the Google Maps Platform.

Having said that, Google understands that there are companies with minimal map usage so they may opt to consume the $200 free usage. Once they are ready to scale up, it is easier to do so with the new pricing scheme.

Also worth noting is the discount model of Google Maps Platform. Once you reach a certain limit of API usage, prices will be discounted automatically.

Check the pricing model of Google Maps Platform below to have an idea on how to utilize your $200 free usage:





4. New Industry Offerings

While small companies might find fit with the $200 free usage, Google also offers pricing models for gaming, ride-sharing and asset tracking. These use cases are the high-volume consumers of the deprecated Maps API model and Google has a pricing model for each of them.

You may contact WTI regarding the new Google Maps Platform and we will provide you the information you need to kickstart your map needs.