WTI is a proud partner of UBE Express

We could not hide the excitement to share with that we became an official partner of UBE Express – Premium Airport Bus Service.


Traveling from Quezon City to NAIA could take us hours due to heavy traffic. That’s why most Filipinos opt to rent a car or book a car service that would cost a minimum of Php 300 per ride.

Recently, Airport Bus Service Provider UBE Express announced the expansion of new routes from Quezon City going to NAIA Terminals 1-4 and formally launched their mobile app for passengers. Starting on September 4, 2018, passengers from Quezon City going to the airport will be able to ride premium point-to-point (P2P) buses from Araneta Center Cubao to NAIA Terminals for only Php 100 fare. Ube Express’ bus service offers two types of booking: first is manually through UBE Express booth and the second one is via their mobile App.

We can’t be more proud to developed their booking Passenger App that facilitates online booking and also a driver app that can monitor real-time updates of assigned bookings and for passenger’s security. Not only that, Webcast is also their official GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Partner.

This is a major breakthrough in transportation in providing an advanced technology that will not only make it comfortable for the passengers but also provide a reliable, safe and convenient transport service for them.


On behalf of Webcast Technologies Inc, we would like to congratulate UBE Express in achieving another milestone in the transportation department.


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