UNVEILING ELASTIC: Location Intelligence with the Strongest Search Engine

MANILA – Webcast Technologies Inc. together with Elastic – the world most popular OpenSearch engine solution recently conducted its first partner event last April 26, 2019. Elastic created Elastic Stack, a powerful set of software that ingests and store data from any source, format and perform a search, analysis, and visualization in milliseconds or less.  Elastic is a trusted partner of ride-hailing providers such as Uber and Grab on its geo-location search capabilities.

The team from Elastic and WTI presented the endless possibilities across any organizations on how this powerful software drive the country’s growing data. WTI also shared how they take advantage of Elastic from its daily million location logs.  

Big Data is giving a more significant impact on every part of the world. Millions of relevant data are being searched and managed by different entities.  Our country is one of the most connected countries in using Social Media, e-Commerce, Mobile GPS, etc..

Elastic is BEYOND SEARCH, read list of use cases to discover it’s promising potential.

Webcast Technologies Inc is Elastic’s Philippine Partner.

Want to talk to our Elastic local representatives? Email marketing@findme.com.ph for more info.