Getting started with Google Maps Platform

Did you know that 77% of people who own a smartphone use navigations apps? And that 67% of them prefer to use Google Maps?  Which is why location remains a powerful and important data source of marketing strategy and the de facto interface between the physical and the digital world. With over 67% of users utilizing Google Maps, the importance of this platform is too vast to ignore.

“Location is more relevant than before. “

Google Maps is by far the most popular navigation app. As the world evolves then, so does the world of digital mapping, and so does Google Maps. Since 2005, Google Maps has been a developer platform where third parties can build from Google’s location services and data. Soon different features have been added including Streetview, restaurant ratings and, traffic updates. And last 2018, Google introduced a new generation of Google Maps, known as Google Maps Platform designed to have a more interactive map and location-based features.

Google Maps Platform has a set of APIs that allows users to embed Google Maps into different platforms. Bringing the real world to your users with STATIC and DYNAMIC Maps, Street View imagery, and 360° views. Google Maps Platform is streamlining its 18 individual APIs into three core products:

Webcast Technologies Inc. is an IT company known for innovation and integrated positioning solutions including Fleet Management Solution and Geospatial Technology.

Webcast Technologies Inc. is one of the country’s trusted reseller of Google Maps Platform. WTI can help you assess your usage costs by doing a technical deep dive into your Google Maps deployment and identifying the APIs you require.