WTI and Elastic Partnership in the Philippines

Webcast Technologies Inc., a pioneer in integrated positioning solutions, has been selected as Elastic Co.’s focus partner in the Philippines. 

Elastic Co. is a search company behind Elastic Stack — consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. ElasticStack is a dynamic set of software that ingests and stores data from any source, format, and perform a search, analysis, and visualization in milliseconds or less. Different organizations are using Elastic software for big data management, performance monitoring, business analytics, artificial intelligence, and more. Thousands of companies worldwide, including Cisco, Facebook, Tinder, Grab, Uber, Netflix, Microsoft, and Samsung, use Elastic to optimize their operations and deliver actionable insights. 

Since 2018, Webcast has been partnering with Elastic in helping customers to leverage a massive amount of data in real-time for search, logging, security, and analysis. It includes the use of Elastic Stack in Webcast’s developed fleet management solution – Next Generation trackMe.  

Multiple Elastic Stack use cases were used in Next Generation trackMe such as Application Search, Website Search, Enterprise search, and Business Analytics.  Elastic helps in running thousands of GPS logs per day. In total, Elasticsearch stores up to 300 million trackMe GPS logs that include Geofence, Speeding, Sensor alerts, and so on.  Aside from Elasticsearch, Kibana was also used to monitor, visualize, and analyze GPS logs in a dashboard and provide specific user insight.  

As Elastic’s focus partner, Webcast will continue to provide transformative solutions using Elastic Stack, and help customers make smart, informed, real-time decisions using data.

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