A Data-Driven Approach For Businesses Amidst Pandemic

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Businesses have taken a hit during the pandemic. According to the World Bank, the only way to come out stronger out of this crisis is to embrace digitization. With consumers resorting more to online transactions such as shopping and payment amid pandemic restrictions, businesses have embraced the digital phenomenon for online transactions even more. 

The growth of online related businesses came with the rise in generated data. May it be a startup business or an established one, how they use data will be the key to growing even more. Analyzing business data more often than not increases efficiency and also helps identify new business opportunities. 

The Elastic Stack is an open-source software that helps you store, analyze, and visualize virtually any type of data without changing anything in your current application code. From a simple bar graph to a map aggregating the location of your market, the Elastic Stack can solve all your data visualization needs from day one.

Elastic Stack’s visualization software can be a powerful tool for companies to interpret and analyze a vast amount of data. With this, business leaders can make data-driven decisions, optimize their performances and, eventually gain insights that can be a key component for accelerating growth.

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Journey with Elastic Stack

Just Eat is an online food order and delivery service that uses Elastic Stack to monitor its platform. Elastic Stack provides real-time system performance insights in their application by using Logstash and Kibana, which allows their team to have more efficient operations and make better decisions. From Kibana, they can view data such as customer behavior and complex delivery rules from their platform. 

This allows their teams to quickly and easily do root cause analysis of any issues in real-time. Just Eat team got help on performance issues like deciding how many primary shards to allocate to get the best performance while still maintaining high reliability.

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