Adapting To Changes: Location Intelligence For Business Continuity

Image from Alliant Cybersecurity

It hasn’t been long since the Philippines opens the economy, but with the alarming increase of covid cases, businesses again have to pause their operations when the government shifted to GCQ. With so much uncertainty, companies need to act immediately to stay afloat and get ahead. Business operations must adopt digital strategies like location intelligence to ensure business continuity. 

Location intelligence gives businesses the power to map, analyze, and share data in the context of location. Location intelligence is very crucial in both visualizing and communicating the impacts of the pandemic.  

Location Intelligence achieved with geographic information systems (GIS), gives businesses the capability to map, analyze, and share data in the context of location. It enables trend-spotting and prediction to support market assessment, site selection, risk management, asset tracking, and other core business needs.

Here’s how Location Intelligence can strengthen business continuity.

Customer Behavior – Location Intelligence can help utilize geofencing to understand shopper habits and improve overall targeting capabilities. It can also help to analyze customer demands, potential customers, and managing the supply chain effectively.

Competitor Anaylsis – During this time, it is also important to be aware of competitors’ actions. Location Intelligence is a viable way of getting a grasp on competitor performance, in both geographic and business sector terms.

Movement of Goods РDynamic mapping solutions like Google Maps Platform enables companies to have up-to-date location information on their goods.LocationIntelligence allows for optimal route planning, especially when changes occur.