The New Tech Trend: Big Data And Machine Learning

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According to Accenture Strategy Research, 63% of CFOs believe that they can drive higher investment when using data and analytics. Based on a survey, 40 percent of CFOs have already invested in advanced analytics, and 46 percent have invested in master data management.

However, as more and more companies started to store and process data, it is becoming a challenge for them to understand and get insights from the collected data. And as the volume of data increases, collecting and managing data can become a difficult task for businesses.  This is why it is critical to use a software that can interpret and collect the data most efficiently.

Getting valuable insights from big data can now be as simple as clicking a button with Elastic Stack and Machine Learning.

The Elastic Stack can help you store, analyze, and visualize virtually any type of data without changing anything in your current application code. Not only that, enriching your data and getting more insights can be done with Machine Learning. Elastic Machine Learning makes it easy to detect anomalies and create forecasting in time-series data stored in Elastic Stack.

By combining elastic stack and machine learning, businesses can expect to see more defined and analyzed results, such as hidden patterns and analytics that can assist in predictive modeling. Elastic stack can help categorize and visualize the incoming data, while machine learning can recognize patterns and translate the data into insights helpful for business operations.

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GoDaddy Inc. is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company with over 17 million customers, 75 million domains, and 10 million hosted sites. GoDaddy handles a vast amount of data, and keeping sites running steadily requires insight into every piece of their infrastructure. They already had a lot of data to grasp, as every component of their systems generated logs, and now they need a way to view it holistically.

One of their pain points is the need to centralize and analyze their various performance and engagement data sets, and the Elastic Stack was the answer to their problem. With the help of elastic stack, they were able to get a more detailed view of user experience and system performance by analyzing all of the different data sources at once. And since then, GoDaddy has taken advantage of data even further with Elastic machine learning features. GoDaddy has been able to implement RUM-focused machine learning that has made anomaly detection easy. The GoDaddy team lets Elastic machine learning features handle the job of learning what’s normal and what’s anomalous, and then letting them know whenever there’s a problem.

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Implementing Elastic Stack and Machine Learning for data management is certainly
a technology enhancement that would surely benefit you in the future.

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