Three Reasons Why You Should Have Google Maps Platform In Your Business Operations

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Everyone uses Google Maps in their personal lives. People go directly to Google Maps to find directions or use it indirectly —as part of a store or any establishment finder. And most likely, businesses display Google Maps on their website contact page. It’s easy to see why so many companies turn to Google Maps to help them provide these kinds of location-based services.

Here are three ways why the Google Maps Platform is essential in your business operations:

  1. Access to Location Intelligence Tools- Google Maps APIs let your developers quickly add powerful location capabilities to your apps. Google Maps APIs have now been packaged into three products (Maps, Routes, Places) to help companies develop innovative solutions that can further improve business operations.
  2. Get Real-Time Location Data- The Google Maps Platform is built with comprehensive location data all over the globe. GMP receives 25 million updates every day and provides location data for 99% of the world.
  3. Improve Marketing and Sales Strategy- Businesses can utilize Google Maps Platform by helping them build new applications using GMP APIs or integrate the APIs into their existing applications. These Google Maps Platform-powered applications have allowed customers to improve operational efficiency, enhance end-user experiences, increase sales, and better marketing strategy, among many other things.

With this, It is now crucial to choose a Google Maps partner that can help your business utilize all of GMP benefits.

Webcast Technologies Inc. is a partner and reseller of Google Maps Platform. In 9 years of partnership, WTI has been helping companies with their Google Maps Platform needs.

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