3 Companies That Nailed Digital Transformation Using Google Maps Platform

Image from Google

We’ve all heard the term “Digital transformation” repeatedly. And the impact of COVID has forced organizations to re-evaluate strategies and adopt digital transformation in their operations to survive. And now digital solutions, including delivery applications, contactless payments, mobile commerce, online and mobile banking, have become essential in the era of social distancing.

Digital transformation is introducing a new wave of innovation, and that includes location intelligence. Advanced mapping and real-time location analytics show new market opportunities and help support business operations. With this, Google Maps Platform is driving the digital transformation for many companies.

Here are Three Companies that Utilize Google Maps Platforms: (Source: Google Customer Success Stories)

Go-Jek is an on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology. They have more than 18 products ranging from transportation, food delivery, groceries, massage, and house cleaning to logistics and payments. And using Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps Platform, GO-JEK has established itself as a leading on-demand multi-service platform and one of the few unicorn businesses in Southeast Asia. Go-Jek uses Google Maps Platform in optimizing routes and providing estimated times of arrival for their drivers. Google Maps Platform APIs have overall help streamlined its operations and help drivers with better mapping solutions.

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Dozens is a smart budgeting tool and an investment provider solution that gives customers a complete picture of their finances. Dozens offer a current account, smart budgeting and saving tools, and an investment manager, all in one app. And to gain more financial insights, Dozens uses Google Maps Platform to provide customers an in-depth understanding of their finances. Dozens integrate rich location data from Google Maps Platform into the app. This gives customers insight visibility into their transactions with location data. The ability to visualize transactions on Google Maps Platform has drastically reduced customer service calls and cuts support costs by 90% with transaction validation. 

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Local Bank in the Philippines– This local bank is one of the largest banks in the Philippines in terms of assets. They have hundreds of bank branches all over the Philippines. And since (year), they have been partnering with Webcast Technologies Inc. for years for their Google Maps Platform needs. They use Google Maps Platform Store Locator feature in their website to help customers see which bank is nearest to them in the convenience of their home. Google Maps Platform has a responsive list of bank branches custom-tailored and ranked by distance. 

Webcast Technologies Inc. is a partner and reseller of Google Maps Platform. In 9 years of partnership, WTI has been helping companies with their Google Maps Platform needs.

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