Manage Your Workforce With Google Maps Platform

Image from Hexagon Geospatial Division

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how business is done across the globe. Companies cannot continue doing things in a way that is considered normal before the hit of pandemic COVID-19. Now, everyone is starting to adapt to the changes the pandemic has brought with the new normal.

Employee health and safety is the top priority in times of crisis. Due to the highly infectious nature of the delta variant coronavirus, most companies have put in place social distancing measures, such as work-from-home strategies. The focus is on employee well-being and open communication while maintaining effective work productivity. Overall it is crucial to implement a mapping solution like Google Maps Platform to improve workforce management that can help companies operate more effectively and efficiently.

Managing workforce is made easier with Google Maps Platform.

  1. Monitor Employees Progress – Companies can integrate Google Maps into their time attendance software. Google Maps Platform can help businesses track the location and current status of each worker in real-time. It can help capture the location of the employees whenever they log in and log out. 
  2. Streamline Fleet Operations – Google Maps Platform features powerful mapping tools, includes the capability to use Maps to monitor assets in the road/ Google Maps can provide a clear view of where the fleet resides at any given time, allowing companies to use location data for route optimization and improve service request-response based on driver location. 
  3. Gain Data and Insights – Google Maps Platform can help companies visualize the pre-pandemic and current operational data on a map to make a better and more informed decision around services and operations. Companies can discover, prepare, and analyze location data of any scale to help them automate tasks, make business decisions, and generate valuable insights.

Working with a Google Maps Premier Partner

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