Google Maps For Real Estate

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The COVID-19 pandemic became a global crisis on an unprecedented scale. And while the first and foremost issue is public health emergency, the threat to businesses is also real. The real estate industry was also severely affected by the pandemic. Changes happened in the patterns of investments, insurance, and construction because of the changes in the workplace environment and social and economic behavior. But one thing’s certain: technology and data will be part of the answer. And that includes location technology. 

Real estate firms are now using location data and mapping solutions to help in guiding investment decisions. While many industries use mappings solutions to enhance their businesses, the real estate industry heavily relies on it to generate valuable leads and offer a richer experience for its customers. Mapping solutions are a must-have tool for real estate development experts looking to use maps features to meet today’s challenges. 

Integrate Google Maps into your Real Estate Operations

  • Get Found on Local Search – Google Maps’ integration with Google’s local search features can also help real estate businesses and get found by prospects. Add photos, contact information, and hours to your local listing, and give Google Maps searchers an even richer experience of the listing when they click on the marker.

  • Google Maps API on Your Site or App – Real Estate companies can offer customers the familiar Google Maps experience directly on a website or mobile application – without opening a new tab or app. Let customers explore an area by clicking on pins or a photo gallery representing nearby places. They can also use Google Maps Streetview feature that gives customers another perspective or angle on a property apart from the photos provided on the listings page.

  • Build Customizable Maps – Companies can build custom maps for a variety of real estate applications. Create a custom map to share with customers, displaying all the listings they are interested in visiting. Change the look and feel of your map to match your web app. Companies can customize the colors of place pins and icons, and the position of key UI elements.