Technology Services

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WTI’s tracking and management system has major areas of expertise which includes the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Telemetry System, the Geographic Information System (GIS), and the recently launched Video Conferencing and Mobile Applications.

GPS and Telemetrics (used for distant measurement) excellently integrate resulting to WTI’s effectivity in moving asset tracking and monitoring, fixed asset security, weather monitoring with a specialized Automated Weather Monitoring System (AWMS) and telecommunications (Global System for Mobile Communications) which enable data to be monitored and displayed at a centralized control center where in turn can be distributed to authorized users through a base station or through the Web.

WTI’s expertise in map-based solutions using GIS makes it the number one support for some Government Offices as well as to Market research Companies. With the success of GPS, Telemetrics, and GIS, WTI has launched its newly developed two-way simultaneous video and audio communication system (Video Conferencing) and the application software development for Mobile Phones.

WTI’s research and development, and core technologies including GPS devices and GIS have been successfully integrated with GSM and the internet to bring you cost-effective and accurate information crucial and specialized to a range of businesses.

As the first in the country to commercially offer digital maps, asset tracking and monitoring systems while continuously developing and specializing based on the needs of the clients, WTI has the strength of supporting the key members of the Philippine business community.