Fleet Management: What You Need to Know Before Getting on Board

Webcast Technologies, Inc. | Fleet Management: What You Need to Know Before Getting on Board

March 15, 2023 Have you ever wondered how a courier company makes a profit? Some of these companies even pick up packages from the sender’s own home, regardless of the distance. You must have pondered at one time or another how the courier maximizes fuel, time, personnel, and other resources while still delivering quality service.

The Basics: What’s Fleet Management?

Fleet management entails managing an entire fleet of vehicles, providing any one of varied services such as public transportation, courier and package delivery services, food delivery and others. Using GPS, a well-known system that can be used to track anything from human assets to pets to material goods, fleet management systems track vehicles and, in some cases, even the personnel assigned to them all in the name of efficiency, transparency, and safety.

For an organization to go into a fleet management venture, it must take note of a number of features, including the basics such as:

  • vehicle tracking
  • fuel management
  • route monitoring

Some solutions even cover Driver Behavior Analysis, a feature that scores drivers’ habits and helps businesses monitor good and problematic behaviors alike.

The Benefits: What’s in It for You?

Operating a business has never been easy but with the unstable local economy, the rise of operational costs left and right, and the ever-growing expectations of clients to deliver not only quality but also timely service, now may be a good time to consider looking into solutions that can help you on multiple fronts. With fleet management solutions, some common benefits that come with it are:

  • effectively lowering fuel costs and maintenance costs
  • improving the security of goods and vehicles
  • improving workplace safety
  • increasing workplace efficiency
  • increasing customer satisfaction from timely deliveries
  • improving corporate responsibility by lessening carbon emissions

The Industry: Who Should Use It?

More and more industries have seen the returns in their investment by using such solutions over the years, with many businesses keeping their subscription well after after they give it a try. Some industries include:

  • Gas & Petroleum
  • FMCG
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Manufacturing

The bottomline: if you have a fleet, no matter what you use them for, you can benefit from a fleet management solution.

With the number of solutions available in the market with varying features and value, it’s only a matter of proper consideration to identify which one best suits your business. Some even offer modular solution packages to ensure that you get your investment’s worth without having to spend on features you know you don’t need or won’t be using.

Overall, implementing a fleet management system can provide a wide range of benefits, from cost management, to safety, to even corporate responsibility. More than a valuable business tool, this now well-known but often overlooked system can be the right investment for a number of pains present in fleet and overall business operations.

Webcast’s NavX and TrackMe Suite offer fleet management solutions, designed to cater to your business’ needs with multiple use case options available. For more information, questions, or inquiries, visit https://trackme.com.ph/contact-us/.

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